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Area 2 General Information


In this area are rare used vinyl records.
Here you can dig without the dust.
All are original copies in excellent/mint condition, with no skips, tics, hisses, scratches, smudges , or anything of the like.You can listen to portions of each title, by clicking on "Listen to portion" , next to applicable title and see label copies next to each title , which will enlarge if you click on them

Please note the "listen to portion" sound snippits , which are listenable while browsing , are recorded in lowfi mp3 format (an intentially low quality) , in order to prevent unathorized reproduction , discourage possible copying , or bootlegging.The listen to portion will stream/play  via the vjsinc player, when you click on player.

Upon entrance into each category you have the freedom to lay out selections as you would like (by years , artist names , titles , etc) by selecting the "order list by" option of your choice , at top of each category page.

You can also search for a title , artist , producer , label , etc , you would like to find , by utilizing our "search" function.If "search" function does'nt generate results for you today , it may tommorow.The selections you find here today , are only a start.We are constantly uploading new entries , and creating new vaults daily.
So so much more to come.

Additional info for placing orders , and our general terms/policies are written in "info place order" on our homepage.

Our priority is to offer you the highest quality service of its kind.
Any questions , requests , assisistance , comments etc , please contact us at

This area administered by Walt Lukatchik.

Listen , Dance , Enjoy.

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