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12" Singles.

BBT-001 Insatiable feat. Monè
Your Love
Produced, Written & Mixed by: Jazz-N-Groove Brian Tappert and Roy Grant for Jazz-N-Groove Productions
Vocals By Moné
Executive Producers: Vincent Dominio , Victor Simonelli And Barry Koven
Released in: 1994
A1. Vocal Club Mix
A2. Percapella
A3. Bonus Beats
B1. Jazzy-Groove Deep Mix
B2. Old Skool Mix

BBT-002 Blind Truth
Produced by: Arthur Baker & Victor Simonelli

BBT-003 The Fibre Foundation
Don't You Ever Stop
Written by: V.Simonelli , J. Mendelson , M. Qauyle
Produced by: Joe Mendelson and Mac Quayle for Fibre Productions
Recorded and Mixed at Fibre Studios
Executive Producers: Vincent Dominio , Victor Simonelli And Barry Koven
Published by VBV Music ASCAP
Matrix #: 89107 20031
Released in: 1995
A1. Club (7:59)
A2. Dub (8:07)
B1. Instrumental (7:52)
B2. Bonus Beats (2:43)

BBT-004 Afrimerican Coalition
No More Weeping
Produced by: Victor Simonelli & Mac Quayle
Released in: 1995

BBT-005 A Church, A D.J & A Sampler EP (Vocalist: Voices of Faith)
Produced & Mixed by: Victor Simonelli & Jazz N Groove
A1. Everybody Clap Yo Hands (Harmonica Blues Mix)
B1. Somebody Say Yeah (Gospel Mix)
C1. Everlasting Life (Praise Mix)
C2. Everybody Clap Yo Hands (Born Again Mix)
D1. Sometimes (Southern Soul Mix)
a,b,c Produced , Mixed ,Arranged , Edited by Victor Simonelli
b Produced Mixed and Arranged by Jazz N Groove Productions Roy A Grant and Brian Tappert.
Released in: 1995

BBT-006 The Undergraduates
Produced & Mixed by: Mick Shiner & Tony Petchell
Released in: 1995

BT-007 The Fibre Foundation
Free Your Mind
Written by Victor Simonelli and Mac Quayle
Produced by: Joe Mendelson , Marc Quayle and Ben Nitze
Executive Producers: Vincent Dominio , Victor Simonelli And Barry Koven
Published by VBV Music ASCAP/You Can't Own Music BMI
Matrix #: 89107 20071
A1. U.K Mix (8:58)
A2. Instrumental (6:24)
B1. N.J Mix (9:04)
B2. Bonus Dub (7:08)
Released in: 1995

BBT-008 Street Players Vol. 2
Soul Searchin /Won't Be Stoppin (Til I Get Thru)
Written and Disco Consultant: Victor Simonelli ASCAP For VJS Productions Inc.
Made in New York at Fibre Studios
Published by Simonelli Music ASCAP
Matrix #: 89107 20081
A1. Soul Searchin (9:00)
A2. Soul Searchin (The Woody Edit) (5:20)
B1. Won't Be No Stoppin (Til I Get Thru)(10:15)
Special thanks to Fat Larry's Band
Released in: 1995

BBT-009 G.M.C.
The Aqua Booty Theme
Produced by: Greg Cuoco
Released in: 1995

BBT-010 Native Rhythms
Ya Hey
Written , Produced , Arranged and Mixed by: Brian Tappert and Roy Grant for Jazz-N-Groove Productions
Additional Keys: Marc Pomeroy
Published by VBV Music ASCAP/Jazz-N-Groove Music ASCAP
Matrix #: 89107 20101
A1. Jazz-N-Groove Mix (6:20)
A2. Jazzy-Groove Deep Mix (6:32)
B1. B's Groove Mix (6:14)
B2. Chant-A-Pella (3:20)
Released in: 1995

BBT-011 RMA feat. Dick Shelly
Past and Present & Daniel Powell
Produced & Mixed by: Marc Pomeroy & Dick Shelly
Released in: 1995

BBT-012 Harlem Hustlers
Got a Feeling
Produced & Mixed by: Woody Bianchi, Corrado Rizza, Dom Scuteri for Wax Productions
Recorded and Mixed At Wax Studio-Rome Italy
Engineered by Mauro Laficara
Executive Producers: Victor Simonelli, Vincent Dimino, Barry Koven
Bar Code #: 89107-20121
A1. Got a Feeling (Jungle Jive Mix) (6:42)
B1. Get on Down (Boogie Man Mix) (7:23)
Released in: 1996

BBT-013 Buddee Boys
Up Above
Produced & Mixed by: DJ Jay & Julius Papp
Released in: 1996

BBT-014 RMA Other Project
Written by Marc Pomeroy , Shelly , Powell
Original Production by Marc Pomeroy and D.Shellly
Re-Prod. & Remixed by A Man Called Adam for Other Productions
Published by VBV Music ASCAP/Paranormal Music BMI
Matrix #: 89107 20141
A1. Past and Present (Adams Remix) (11:00)
B1. Past (Spaced Out Remix) (7:43)
B2. Future (Tripped Out Trumpet Mix (7:10)
Released in: 11/1996

BBT-015 Shuffle Inc The Shuffle EP Part 1
Produced and Arranged by Jay Jay For Housework Productions and Julius Papp for Multivitamin Productions
Published by VBV Music/Oskris Toons/Stopped In Time Music ASCAP
Keyboards by Justus
Crowd: Seattle Househeads
Vocals by Liza Bender
Congas by Dale Chung
Executive Producer: Victor Simonelli , Barry Koven, Vincent Dimino,
Matrix #: 89107 20151
A1. Deep In Space (6:00)
A2. Spacecussions (5:10)
B1. Breath Deep Theme (7:40)
B2. Get Up Drums (4:10)
Released in: 1997

BBT-016 A Church, A D.J & A Sampler EP 1998
Produced, Written & Mixed By Victor Simonelli For VJS Productions, Inc.
Published By Simonelli Music ASCAP
Bar Code #: 89107-20161
A1. Someday Say Yeah (Angel Moraes Mix) (9:00)
A2. Everybody Clap Yo Hands (Born Again Mix)(6:20)
B1. Everybody Clap You Hands (Victor Simonelli Mix)(7:25)
B2. Sometimes (8:05)
a1,2 b1 Produced,Mixed,Arranged,Edited by Victor Simonelli for VJS Productions Inc b2 Produced By Jazz-n-Groove: Brian Tappert & Roy Grant For Jazz-n-Groove Productions
Released in: 1998

BBT-018 DJ Duke & The Music Makers
Fight It Written and Original Production by Woody Bianchi , Corrado Rizza & Don Scuteri for Wax Productions
Reproduced and Remixed by D.J Duke for Home Productions
Original Licence from Lemon Records
Published by VBV Music ASCAP/Deep House Music ASCAP/ Wax Productions/Simonelli Music ASCAP
Bar Code #: 89107-20181
A1. Dukes Garage Blaster (10:10)
A2. The Prelude (3:05)
B1. Dukes Garage "Dubbing" Blaster (7:05)
B2. Bonus (4:05)
Released in: 1998

BBT-019 Power Traxx EP
Writers & Producers: Jordan Field & Nate Williams
Executive Producers: Victor Simonelli & Vincent Dominio
Published by VBV Music ASCAP/Jordan Field ASCAP
Bar Code #: 89107-20180
A1. Something Special (JN Mix)(7:20)
A2. B2 High (HordanNate Mix)(8:05)
B1. Get Ot On (Duke Mix)(6:00)
B2. Into Your Soul (BillRick Mix)(7:25)
a. Writters and Producers: DJ Duke
b. Writters and Producers: Bill Williams & Rick Preston
Vocal By Kimbraily Evans
Released in: 1998


BBT-4001 Various Artist Big Big Trax Vol.1
Released in: 10/1996